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BioRePeelCl3 is our new ITALIAN-MADE 35% TCA PEEL that is the most innovative peel on the market today.  With ZERO to minimal skin shedding, this revolutionary professional grade peel means you won’t have to put your social plans on hold while your skin heals.  BioRePeel improves the skin surface, imperfections, and accelerates cell turnover. Stimulating the reconstruction of collagen and elastin deep within the skin layer, results can be seen instantly and continue to improve over the following weeks.

What areas can the Biorepeel treat?

BioRePeel can be used on various areas of the body to address a range of skin concerns. It’s not just limited to the face. Treated areas include:

Face: It’s most commonly used on the face to treat concerns such as acne, blackheads, fresh scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dullness.

Neck: The neck is often a neglected area that can show signs of ageing. BioRePeelCl3 can help to improve the texture and tone of the skin in this area.

Chest (décolletage): Like the neck, the chest can also show signs of sun damage and ageing. BioRePeelCl3 can help to rejuvenate the skin in this area.

Back: The treatment can be used to address concerns such as acne and acne scarring on the back.

Hands: Hands often show signs of ageing and sun damage before other areas of the body. BioRePeelCl3 can help to improve the appearance of the skin on the hands.


To achieve all of these the peel contains a blend of the following:

TCA35% to improve skin texture, scars and pigmentation

Salicylic acid to decongest the pores and help with excessive oil

Tartaric acid to brighten the skin.

Lactobionic acid to ensure better intercellular metabolism

Vitamin C to provide antioxidant effect and strengthen the capillaries

Amino acids and Vitamin B2 to revitalise and stimulate the formation of new healthy cells, derived of stress and damage.

This pharmaceuticals developed mix of vitamins and amino acids stimulates new skin growth while mitigating UV damage, fading scars and effects of fine lines and aging.


Benefits include:

Exfoliating, removing dead skin cells and stimulating new skin regeneration

Improvement of scars and post acne marks

purification and oxygenation of the skin, leaving it moisturised, soft, refreshed and revitalized

improves the texture of the skin, addresses skin ageing and softens fine lines

Can be used year round on all skin types.

A body formulation is also available for areas such as upper arms, thighs, back, buttocks etc.


What do you expect during treatment?

After makeup is removed with a facial cleanse, BioRePeel is applied to the skin, during this treatment you will feel a tingling sensation.  This stimulates the skin to trigger a healing process that rejuvenates it.  This treatment is then removed with a normal water, after a hydration serum is applied and finished with a SPF 50+ gel.

The peel is a none peeling peel meaning there’s minimal downtime, maybe a little redness. Excellent for that brighter tighter look .

​After your treatment it is essential that you continue to wear a high SPF facial cream to protect your skin from sun damage and maintain best results.

And that’s it, you’re good to go!


We love this peel here at Renew for its amazing results, safety and extremely low down time.




Face single treatment $150

Face 4x treatments $500

Face with dermal needling single treatment $350

Body treatment POA depending on size of area treated

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