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$1600 (course of 2)

What Is Profhilo?

The Profhilo treatment is made of injectable hyaluronic acid (much like a dermal filler) which improves skin quality and treat skin laxity. Profhilo is produced in a special way which means not only does it hydrate and act like scaffolding within the skin, it also triggers a response in the tissue known as ‘bioremodeling’ which smooths, tightens and gives your skin an inner glow.

Profhilo remodels skin laxity and battles crepiness. It is not a replacement for fillers and anti wrinkle injections and it can be used in combination with these other treatments or as a stand-alone treatment. Profhilo is working on the skin quality rather than the muscle movement which cause wrinkles (Botox/Xeomin treats this) or for the loss of volume in the fat pads and filling specific lines (dermal fillers treat these concerns).

We start losing a significant amount of collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid after we reach 30, which means we start to see the signs of aging in the form of fine lines, wrinkles and . At this age, we should start to consider preserving ourselves, therefore Profhilo® is advised for individuals from around the age of 30 upwards, who wish to target ageing skin.

Profhilo® is also an excellent choice for you if you don’t want to add volume to specific areas (if this is the case, it is more likely that dermal fillers would be the right treatment for you), as it instead provides volume and hydration across the skin, giving an overall rejuvenated appearance. If you are new to cosmetic treatments and want to achieve more subtle look than fillers, PROFHILO may be the best treatment to improve and maintain the quality of your skin.

Profhilo is most commonly used for facial areas, but can also effectively be used for rejuvenating the neck, décolleté, arms, knees and hands.

Profhilo Cost

Profhilo is a series of 2 treatments performed 1month apart. The cost for the 2 treatments is $1600.

Boosters are charged at $650 and are recommended every 6-12 months to maintain results.

Genoapay is available.

Why Is Profhilo Different From Other Injectable Treatments?

Rather than get very nerdy with the science right now, here are some key points about Profhilo:

  • To begin with, it is not a ‘mechanical’ substance like Botox or traditional dermal fillers
  • So Profhilo doesn’t ‘fill’ less voluminous areas or act on muscles to produce a desired physical reaction
  • Instead, Profhilo is a substance that stimulates multiple positive reactions throughout your natural skin renewal cycle
  • Specifically, Profhilo induces dramatic increases in the production of multiple types of collagen and elastin – the foundation of fresher, more youthful skin.

Profhilo is like taking a really hydrating moisturiser and, instead of placing it on top of your skin, we inject it into your skin. This helps to make it supple and hydrated from the inside out. So, it provides your skin with intense moisturisation and rejuvenation – and this is why it’s often referred to as injectable skincare. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Skin benefits

Improves skin laxity
Improves skin texture
Improve the skin’s overall tone
Enhances hydration
Produces a healthy glow.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Profhilo work?
Profhilo uses an incredibly pure form of synthetic hyaluronic acid which is injected strategically into the upper layers of the skin with a very small needle. Unlike hyaluronic acid used in filler treatments, this hyaluronic acid is very runny (think honey-like) which effortlessly disperses into the skin where it has a ‘scaffolding’ action on the tissues, hydrates and begins its bio-remodelling process to improve skin laxity.
How long does Profhilo take to work?
The results aren’t immediate as profhilo is a 2-part treatment; each session is 30 days apart from one another. In those 30 days after each session, your skin works hard, producing new, bouncy collagen and elastin to give your skin a firmer, smoother, plumper complexion. Full results are seen only after the second session as your skin produces more and more collagen and elastin, however, changes are often noticed after the first session.
What do I look like after the Profhilo treatment?
There is no downtime; immediately after the procedure, you can see small bumps, much like an insect bite or bee sting, at the site of the injection. These are very easy to cover usually and can take up to 24 hours to settle. The innovative injection technique used during a Profhilo treatment means that only 5 small injections are needed each side of the face meaning that the treatment is quick and comfortable.
Is it safe?
Profhilo was launched in February 2015 in Italy. It’s been used worldwide ever since. Over 150,000 patients have been treated so far with no adverse reactions reported. From a safety perspective, Profhilo is highly biocompatible. That’s because it is made from natural Hyaluronic Acid and is stabilised without the addition of chemical cross-linking agents.

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