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Bestow Collagen Boost

Collagen Boost Powder

Bestow Collagen Boost Powder is a dietary collagen supplement also containing Vit C and zinc.

Our modern diets are low in essential building blocks so our bodies cant make enough collagen. Bestow Collagen Boost provides collagen peptides to the body which makes making collagen strands easier than starting from scratch.

Collagen Boost Powder reverses visible signs of ageing by:

  • Boosting collagen production
  • Improving elasticity
  • Increasing hydration
  • Softening wrinkles
  • Promoting firmer, younger looking skin


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Product Details

Bestows Collagen Boost powder contains pharmaceutical-grade collagen peptides from fresh water fish. The skin then receives pre-formed collagen building blocks to boost collagen production.

Most people are deficient in zinc. Zinz is an essential nutrient for collagen production. Each serve of Bestow Collagen Boost contains 6mg of zinc (75%of RDI)

Where do we source our Collagen from?

Typically collagen is sourced from beef, pork or saltwater fish.

Bestow uses freshwater fish collagen which is

  • a sustainable, renewable source of collagen
  •  more easily absorbed than beef and pork collagen
  • free from heavy metals and contaminates often found in salt water fish
  • has a collagen profile closely aligned with collagen found in our skin

How to use

Take one tablespoon daily. Add to a smoothie with other Bestow products or simply mix into water.

Collagen boost is beneficial for people 25 years and over.