About ReNew Appearance Medicine

ReNew (2016) Limited (trading as ReNew Appearance Medicine) was started by Registered Nurse Natalia Ollington.

With over 19 years Nursing experience Natalia has seen the need for a mobile service in Botulinum Toxin and Fillers in being able to provide this specialised service to clients in a familiar and local premises.

Natalia graduated from Waikato Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. With a variety of skills under her belt the transition to Aesthetic Services was an easy one for this mother of three to make.

After extensive training, Natalia learned the newest techniques in injecting fillers and Botulinum Toxin.

Natalia strives to restore and enhance her patient's own natural beauty and youthful appearance.
By artfully sculpting, highlighting each patients own positive features and diminishing areas of concern, Natalia provides each patient with a safe and rewarding experience.

Natalia Ollington

I love to create results that are natural looking and just make the face look fresher, instead of overworked. Most people have the odd wrinkle they would like minimised or a bit of extra volume here or there. Its not about changing what you look like, its about confidence and empowering women to like what they see when they look in the mirror.

Why use ReNew Appearance Medicine?

Life can be hectic...
Whether it's juggling work and kids, or coping with life's daily stresses, in the day-to-day routine you can forget to take care of yourself.

ReNew wants to give you that time back!
With being a mobile service, patients have easy access to our services through many Professional Beauty therapy salons Waikato wide.

At ReNew it is about your needs, your goals, your desires, your dreams, your body, your experience, and your result.

With the emphasis on beauty in our society, appearance can be very important for social reasons, career advancement, and self-esteem. Our goal is to achieve an aesthetic balance in one's appearance. Our focus is to give you results that look beautiful, and natural.

At ReNew we absolutely love what we do, and one of the most rewarding aspects is hearing from patients that they are happy with their body or face and that we have enhanced their own self-confidence.

Like what you've read?

Natalia is a trained Cosmetic Nurse and available for treatments out of selected beauty therapy clinics. Book a consultation or make an appointment.